NIF aims to equip innovators with comprehensive knowledge and skills to successfully commercialise their products.

We deliver these education sessions through various means including formal talks , teleconferences, and resources from the website. 


Many innovators are lacking in business knowledge. In NIF we believe that knowledge and technological transfer can be facilitated by translating ideas into commercial products.

Hence, we aim to expose our Indonesian innovators to business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Innovators are asked to think about product journey, marketing strategies, comparative advantage, and other commercial aspects while perfecting their innovations.

Intellectual Property

How many of us know that presentations in forums and conferences may restrict patent applications? Furthermore, how many of us are aware of patent application process or how long it may take?

In NIF we believe that strengthening intellectual property knowledge among our members can ensure full protection of our ideas. We do this by arranging seminars on introduction of Intellectual Property. Moreover, we have an expert in our team who can give further pointers based on specific situations.


Now that we are actually closer to bringing our product into realisation, have we ever thought about the licenses required to sell the products in Indonesia? It is time for us to think about how to navigate through the regulation obstacles and finalise our ideas into reality. 

Firstly, we have to think about the ministerial code of practice that we need to follow. Then we will need to consider the effect of devolution in bringing complexity into license application. NIF conducts regular seminars and talks to introduce the many layers of regulations that people will have to face when considering launching new products in Indonesia.