Upcoming Events

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    Full Course on Storytelling with Pak Ahmad Yuniarto (AY)
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  • Sat, Dec 26
    Tantangan dan Strategi Pemanfaatan Hasil-hasil Riset dan Inovasi di Indonesia
    Catatan Penghiliran Alat-alat Kesehatan dari UGM
  • Sat, Oct 17
    #LearnWithNIF Online Session
    #LearnWithNIF: What if the innovator is a storyteller?
  • Sun, Jul 19
    Zoom Conference
    Write with Power
    Let's #LearnWithNIF
  • Sun, Apr 05
    Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
    NIF HackDay: Education
    Let's solve education problem in Indonesia
  • Tue, Jan 21
    KCL Strand Campus
    Panel Discussion: Inequality in Education
    Examining and Preventing Education Inequality in Indonesia. How innovation can reduce the gap.
  • Fri, Dec 13
    Location is TBD
    Christmas Dinner

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