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Inequality in Education and How Innovation Can Reduce Gap

- A panel discussion in collaboration with King's College London (KCL) ASEAN Society -

@KCL Bush House, Strand Campus

21 January 2020

Tuesday evening that day, it was freezing, dark and wet in London. However, that did not stop us from getting together at Strand. Nope, we weren't finding some warm comfort food and company or killing time while waiting for a theatre show of Lion King - we were here to discuss about inequality, education, Indonesia and innovation!

Nusantara Innovation Forum (NIF) was invited as a guest leader of KCL ASEAN Society monthly panel discussion that month. So, we assembled a line of speakers to share insights and lead the discussion. We had Dorothy Ferary, a teaching fellow at the UCL Institute of Education, and Talitha Amalia, Director at Solve Education!. We also had such a good mix of audience with various backgrounds. Many were Indonesians but some were not. We gathered because we cared about inequality, education, Indonesia and innovation.

Dorothy started the discussion by sharing about inequality in education in Indonesia with its potentials and challenges. Then Talitha - streaming from Bandung, Indonesia over midnight! - shared about her endeavour in Solve Education! whereby her team empowered people through digital educational gaming. Finally, I shared a bit about what NIF did to support research-based innovation for solving real problems in Indonesia, including education inequality. Here is a little sneak peak at the classroom venue.

The session was fun! We sat in a semi-round-table style and had an interactive discussion. It was so lovely to see the enthusiasm. Even after closing the session, we still stayed for a heated discussion until we were nudged to leave the room!

What was a better way to warm up that cold evening in London than having open-minded folks around discussing things that matter? Thankfully, we still managed to take a photo!

Hope the session sparked some insights to many of us and somehow would bring some meaning in some ways :)



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