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SEA Startups Are Going Public

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Given a large tech-savvy youth population in South East Asia and numerous problems to solve in such developing countries, it is not surprising that the appetite for establishing tech startups in South East Asia keeps growing. Let's take a look at the valuation and money raised from 14 startups that went public in the past 3 months to see how promising building a startup is nowadays.

Source: The Companies That Recently Went Public by The Product Guy

  • There are 14 startups that went public this quarter, mainly from the financial sector (36%), followed by artificial intelligence (29%), education and advertising (14% each).

  • Out of the 14 companies, Didi, a China-based ride-hailing platform won the highest valuation and money raised at $73 billion and $4.4 billion respectively.

  • While the USA still got the highest number of startups going public, 3 out of these 14 startups came from South East Asia, which took up one-third of the proportion.

  • Bukalapak, an e-commerce platform from Indonesia, made it to the stock market floor with a $6 billion valuation and $1.5 billion money raised.

Is IPO something that founders must really after? As The Product Guy stated, it needs a time-consuming, exhausting process. Stay tuned on NIF Instagram page to see more content related to this topic.

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